Companies committing to GBI’s core package for an annual membership fee benefit from the full programme of peer learning, outreach & capacity building and informing policy activities.  For more information about each of these programmes see the GBI overview flyer. For more information of existing GBI Members click here.

Benefits of engagement

Informing Policy

  • Track and plan for new policy and legal developments by being part of a ‘go to’ business group for policy leaders in government and civil society.
  • Build positive exposure for your human rights commitments and practices with thought leaders and in key global forums.
  • Position your company’s practices as possible benchmarks to drive third party expectations of business.

Peer Learning

  • Address multiple topics on an ongoing basis to mirror the dynamic reality of your company’s human rights journey.
  • Access to confidential road maps, tools, frameworks, processes and documentation that have been designed and used by peers in diverse industries, functions and operational contexts.
  • Benchmark your company’s practices against established good practice from other industries while also participating in dialogue around emerging expectations and issues.
  • Accelerate your company’s learning cycle through honest and direct feedback on your company’s management approaches and responses to dilemmas.

Outreach and Capacity Building

  • Engage colleagues in priority markets to build their own commitment to your company’s human rights journey and programmes.
  • Form relationships and send coherent messages to suppliers, customers, competitors and business partners about the baseline expectation to operate with respect for human rights.
  • Build local business and human rights intelligence to support your global programme, especially through interaction with civil society experts, NGOs and human rights institutions.

GBI members are at varying stages of their human rights journeys. Members have a mutual expectation that others in the group are progressing their own internal journey towards respect for human rights. GBI is not, nor should it be, a substitute for continued effort and evolution of member company business practices.

GBI also supports non-member companies to progress their human rights journeys through:

  • Trial membership of GBI via strategic mentoring, peer learning calls, and participation in a GBI meeting.
  • Introductory orientation to respect for human rights for senior leaders and board members.
  • Tailored peer learning process
or workshop on a single topic.
  • Involvement in GBI outreach and capacity work in diverse markets.

Engagements are time-limited and GBI does not engage in long-term consultancy projects. For more information about membership and other modes of engagement opportunities contact: