GBI session focused on human rights due diligence in practice – Johannesburg, October 2016

On 18 and 19 October, a workshop was held in Johannesburg, South Africa entitled ‘Human Rights, Sustainability Reporting and Responsible Business Conduct – What Does Business Need to Know?: A Workshop for Companies, Employers’ and Business Organisations.’ Katryn Wright, Director, GBI led a session on Human Rights Due Diligence. The session focused on how companies are undertaking human rights due diligence. Katryn provided insights into what human rights due diligence means in practice with snapshots of the varied ways that companies are approaching this. Arnold Kanyangarara, Workplace Accountability Director, Africa and Europe, the Coca-Cola Company then provided practical examples of how Coca-Cola approaches human rights due diligence.

The workshop was organised by the International Organisation of Employers, the Global Reporting Initiative and Vincular – with support from Business Unity South Africa and GBI.