Report of Business Survey on Implementation of Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

The UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights created a pilot survey to assess the views of business representatives regarding their company’s implementation of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights. It is the intention that lessons learnt from this process will feed into a corporate survey on business and human rights in 2013, the results of which will be published at the Forum on Business and Human Rights, and potentially on an annual basis thereafter.  Our vision is to gather a solid baseline of credible and complete data that can support the United Nations and other actors as they progress their work to disseminate, implement and embed the UN Guiding Principles globally. This pilot was developed and disseminated in cooperation with the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights, the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Organisation of Employers and the Corporations and Human Rights Project at the University of Denver.

This survey complements a parallel pilot effort focused on government action regarding the State Duty to Protect pillar of the UN Framework and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The UN Working Group is currently considering how to report on the pilot surveys in their June 2013 report to the UN Human Rights Council. Proposals tabled in June 2013 will include an outline of plans, modalities and objectives for follow-up surveys in the lead up to the second Annual Forum (late 2013). All feedback is strongly encouraged and welcome. Please write to the Chair of the UN Working Group, using the following email address:

Download the full report here