“Integration” and the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs)

IPIECA – Integrating Human Rights into Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (December 2013)

  • A recently published guide that offers practical advice on how human right can be integrated into environmental, social and health impact assessments (EHSIAs) for oil and gas sector projects.  The guide has been developed by global oil and gas companies in collaboration with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The guide seeks to promote the inclusion of human rights into ESHIAs, provide human rights insights on key process steps in standard ESHIAs and also provide a new practical reference point in the evolving field of human rights impact assessments.

ICMM – Human Rights in the Mining and Metals Industry:  Integrating Human Rights Due Diligence into Corporate Risk Management Processes (March 2012)

  • This publication, prepared by ICMM, focuses on the integration of human rights due diligence into corporate risk management processes.  It seeks to assist mining companies to review existing risk management processes, identify how companies can build on those existing process to ensure they adequately address human rights, and also to determine whether existing processes are consistent with the UNGPs.